Partnership Coaching

To us, partnership is not just a type of relationship, but also a mindset. Partnership is a way of understanding oneself and one’s relationships with others — that we are all connected, and what affects one, affects all.

That sounds good in principle, but in practice most of us have been conditioned to view life as a competition between disconnected individuals. This worldview affects even our most intimate relationships, undermining the experience of abundance we naturally generate when we view life through the lens of partnership.

How It Works

The goal of Partnership Coaching is to reclaim that abundance by developing highly practical partnership skills you can apply to any relationship or community you belong to:

  • Marriage or Life Partnership
  • Family (parents, children, relatives)
  • Friendships
  • Workplace Teams
  • Learning Communities
  • Intentional Communities
  • Arts Ensembles, etc.

You decide which partnership(s) you want to focus on, and we use your current challenges as opportunities for deep learning, so that you leave each session feeling empowered to face those challenges and generate more harmony in ALL your partnerships.

The enduring benefits of Partnership Coaching include increased creativity, courage, purpose, inner peace, love, freedom, and FUN!

If you have a leadership role, we can help you develop your own coaching skills to extend these benefits to your whole organization.

“The more, the merrier!”

Unlike a typical Life Coaching session, which usually has one coach and one client, our Partnership Coaching sessions give you the benefit of working with two coaches who are also life partners. (30 years and counting!)

And while we’re happy to work with you individually, we prefer to work with you and a partner, such as a spouse, close friend, business partner, or adult child.

When your sessions include one or more partners working together, you get the added benefit of practicing in real time. And your sessions don’t need to be focused only on your partnership with each other. For example, we can work with you and a friend on enhancing your partnerships with your other family members.

We’ll meet with you “virtually” using the Zoom video conferencing platform that works on any modern computer or smartphone. (Let us know if you prefer another platform, like Skype, or regular phone calls.)

Note:  Partnership Coaching requires that you and your session partner(s) share a common goal and are not facing any major conflicts or disagreements with each other. For those cases, we can work with each of you separately, and we may recommend seeking mediation, couples counseling, family therapy, etc. Also, if you want to include more than two session partners, or a child under 18, please contact us before you sign up.

Session Rates

Our regular rate for Partnership Coaching is $150/hour. Most sessions are scheduled for a full hour, and we can arrange for longer or shorter sessions if desired. Note that we prefer to end each session at a natural stopping point, even if it goes past the scheduled ending time. (You will not be charged for any such extra time.)

The number of sessions we recommend depends on your goals. A few, or even a single session, may be enough. You can also arrange to have weekly or biweekly sessions for ongoing support.

If you feel called to work with us but cannot afford the regular rate, please inquire about the availability of reduced rates or more affordable options.

Schedule a Partnership Coaching Session

When you’re ready to start, you can check our availability and request an appointment with our online scheduling tool, here:

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