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Subject:A Virtual Party! (RSVP)
 You’re invited to Scott & Beth’s video Meet & Greet...
Date:July 12, 2020
From:Harmony Cafe
To:All subscribers

Harmony Cafe

A Virtual Party!

Dear subscribers,

We’re making a big announcement soon, but we’d like to reconnect with you first. So we thought it’d be fun to have an informal “Meet & Greet” via Zoom videoconferencing.

Think of it as a digital open house: We’ll be in our Zoom “room” for 3 hours, and all of you are invited to join us for a few minutes or more, at any point during the open hours.

We just want to say hello, share a smile, and get to know you a bit. You can also ask us anything, pick our brains, and maybe try to guess what we’re going to announce. :)

Party Time:

  • Thursday, July 16
    11am–2pm (US/Pacific)
    equivalent to...
  • 12pm–3pm (US/Mountain)
  • 1pm–4pm (US/Central)
  • 2pm–5pm (US/Eastern)
  • 7pm–10pm (UK/BST)
  • 8pm–11pm (Central Europe)

For our friends Down Under (AU & NZ) — You’ll likely be asleep during the party, but let us know if you’d like us to schedule an additional time to Meet & Greet during your waking hours.


Simply reply to this email — or use the email links below — to let us know if you’ll be joining us (or not). We’ll send a Zoom link to all who reply “Yes” or “Maybe”...

YES  |  MAYBE  |  NO

Thanks in advance to all who reply for any reason, as it helps us in two ways: (1) We LOVE hearing from you, and (2) real human interactions by email reduce the odds of our newsletters getting mis-labeled “spam” by our A.I. overlords. :)

Yours in Harmony,

Scott & Beth

PS: You can expect several emails from us in the next week or two. We’ll do our best to make them fun to receive, but if you’d rather not, please use the unsub link below.