Tree of Life
At Harmony Cafe

We Are Taking A Stand...

For Holistic Health

  • We believe most diseases are caused by multiple systemic disruptions to the natural balance of the whole organism — body, mind, and spirit; internal and environmental.
  • While we agree that micro-organisms are involved in disease processes, we reject the widely held belief that germs alone can cause disease.
  • We see most symptoms as evidence of the body’s attempts to restore balance, i.e., the disease is the cure.
  • Unlike conventional medicine, which too often focuses on eliminating symptoms without regard to their healing functions, we prefer holistic approaches that enhance and work with the body’s self-healing processes.

For Social Health

  • We reject the newly popularized concept of “asymptomatic spread of disease.” Whether or not such transmission is a significant factor in a pandemic, we believe that treating everyone as a potential threat, including oneself, does serious damage to our social fabric.
  • We believe that “social distancing” and avoiding contact with people because they could be unknowingly exhaling pathogens is both ineffective and inhumane, with dangerous physical and social consequences.
  • We believe that ubiquitous mask-wearing is ineffective and profoundly harmful on multiple levels — biological, psychological, developmental, spiritual, social, and political. In particular, children are seriously harmed by forced masking.
  • While voluntary masking should be allowed, we believe mask mandates violate human rights.

For Natural Immunity

  • We think healthy people who partake in holistic health practices are unlikely to develop severe COVID-19, that “catching covid” is nearly as safe for them as “catching a bad cold or flu,” and that they are far more likely to recover and become even more resilient than people with chronic health issues and/or unhealthy lifestyles.
  • We believe the best way to protect the vulnerable is to help them to improve their general health naturally, which would also eliminate the stress of living in constant fear of invisible dangers.
  • We believe individuals have the right to trust their bodies’ natural immune system protection, and no one should ever be forced or coerced to replace it with artificial immunity.

For Scientific Integrity

  • We believe the new gene therapy vaccines are neither safe nor effective — that their benefits have been exaggerated, their long-term side effects are unknown, and their short-term side effects, which are often catastrophic, have been willfully ignored.
  • We do not trust safety and efficacy studies done by pharmaceutical companies that have been convicted of numerous crimes, paid billions in fines, yet continue to manipulate, falsify, or ignore unfavorable data. Nor do we trust the regulatory agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, etc.) which have been corrupted by Big Pharma money.
  • We believe the corruption of the medical-industrial complex is systemic, so we don’t need to imagine smoke-filled rooms of conspiratorial villains to explain the system’s many atrocities. We have great respect for those medical professionals who are trying to change the system from within. They are the heroes of this drama.

For Natural Humanity

  • We reject the “transhumanist” vision of the future currently being advanced by Big Tech and other major institutions through various “public/private partnerships.” If they have their way, natural human existence will be increasingly supplanted by technological substitutes (e.g., the “metaverse”), and human experience will be increasingly digitized, virtualized, gamified, monetized, and controlled by an elite ownership class.
  • We see transhumanist values reflected in the medical system’s drive to replace natural immunity with never-ending vaccination programs, devaluing what is natural in favor of what can be controlled.
  • We accept that death is a natural part of life, and living well means living with risk. Living in constant fear of death is not really living at all.

We Are Answering The Call...

  • To align our words and deeds with these stances, despite any personal and professional detriment.
  • To protect our constitutional and natural rights, including bodily autonomy and freedom of thought, expression, religion, and association.
  • To remember Who We Are and remind others that our natural humanity is a precious gift to be cherished, trusted, and preserved for future generations.
Scott Noelle & Beth Noelle

Co-founders of Harmony Cafe

Updated: December 19, 2021