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Subject:The Great WHAT???
 Scott just posted a new article with a weird title...
Date:January 3, 2021
From:Harmony Cafe
To:All subscribers

Harmony Cafe

The Great WHAT???

Scott’s Thoughts
for the New Year...

Dear Friends,

I’d say “Happy New Year,” but I feel more like saying “Whew! We made it through 2020!”

The twists and turns of the last year have changed me in ways I’m still unpacking, one of which is the topic of the article I just finished and am sharing with you today...

An alarmed cat
2021: The Great

Weirdness aside, I’m extremely lucky to have the support of my partner Beth through these times, and we are still committed to advancing partnership culture through in 2021. (In case you were wondering.)

Yours in Harmony,

Scott Noelle