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Subject:It's NOT what you think...
 We created something that could get us blacklisted!
Date:August 24, 2020
From:Harmony Cafe
To:All subscribers

Harmony Cafe

Hi friend...

Our “big announcement” got postponed when Beth and I realized our project would require the invention of a brand new... let’s call it a “social technology” — and this is not about apps or machines.

I’m reluctant to say what it IS about, as I don’t want this to end up in your spam folder, but here’s a clue:

Enable photos to see the clue...

Don’t be misled, though. That sign is from a small Amish town.

Anyway, we need volunteers to help us test and refine our invention, and you can see what it is, here.

If you want to be one of the first people to try a wonderful new form of social engagement, read the intro and register to participate.

Yours in Harmony,

Scott & Beth