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Subject:Warm-Up #1
 We have ONE question for you...
Date:June 10, 2019
From:Harmony Cafe
To:All subscribers

Harmony Cafe

Warm-Up #1

Hi there!

This is the first of our pre-launch messages for early subscribers, which we’ll call “Warm-Ups” since we are particularly fond of this project’s music-and-coffee mixed metaphor. :)

We’re about to record the first video for our upcoming YouTube channel... tonight!

To make our videos more spontaneous, we decided to avoid scripting them. But talking to a camera feels weird — not knowing exactly who’s “there” — so we’re inviting YOU to help us make the video by sharing your answer to this question:

Of all your relationships and communities, which one or two would you most like to be more harmonious, and why?

With your answers as inspiration, we can imagine we’re talking to you on the other side of the camera.

(Note: We might quote from some of the responses, and we might mention your first name, unless you ask us not to.)

To share your response, just reply to this email. Thanks in advance for your help!

In Harmony,

Scott & Beth